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Lestr platform helps financial institutions and government agencies detect and prevent all forms of illicit activities operated under the guise of international trade.

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TRADE Compliance

for Financial Institutions, Commodity Traders, Carriers, Freight Forwarders
Automate controls performed by your risk & compliance and/or your trade & trade finance operations teams for: 
  • Enhanced compliance & reputational risk management:
    assure your trade and trade finance operations with regard to international sanctions and AML/CFT regulations.
  • Operational efficiency:
    develop deeper and more accurate controls while reducing the time spent collecting and analysing data.
  • Customisability:
    enable you to build your own one-stop shop solution based on your own desired data sources and risk approach.
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MAritime security

for National Coastguards, Customs & Sea Harbor Authorities, Naval Forces
Enable the monitoring and screening of containers to fight trafficking activities. Prevent illicit maritime activities through a risk-based approach, allowing you to:
  • Analyse vessel characteristics and behavior to determine the risk profiles.
  • Detect falsifications of AIS messages emitted by ships.
  • Undertake advanced tracking using electromagnetic signals emitted by ships and intercepted from space by Unseenlabs nano-satellites.
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Leveraging more than 10 years of R&D in data fusion, Semsoft has developed the Lestr software platform to drive the fight against illicit activities performed under the guise of international trade.

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