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Enhance your efficiency to screen and monitor in real-time containerised cargo.

Secure your port infrastructures by detecting suspicious container movements.

Prevent the risk of circumventing embargoes through multi-intelligence capabilities.

LESTR: a data collection and analysis solution to automatically detect and monitor suspect containers

The maritime transport of goods is unfortunately used to conceal a wide variety of illicit activities (e.g. circumvention of embargoes, trafficking of all kinds, etc.). Detecting these activities is a real challenge. Indeed, only 2% of containers are physically inspected each year. Furthermore, a recent report produced by a group of United Nations experts highlighted the use, by ships engaging in illicit activities, of increasingly sophisticated procedures aimed at deceiving the vigilance of actors in charge of maritime surveillance.

From that perspective, the ability to detect and monitor suspect containers is based on the capability to:

Connect data sources

A 360° view of containers
Lestr provides a synthetic view, easy to read and to navigate into, evidencing the main characteristics and risks associated to containers. Over 100 data sources are constantly updated and used for this purpose.
The fullest coverage on container tracking
Lestr provides an end-to-end tracking of the containers from the moment they are handed over to the shipping company or freight forwarder until the moment they are delivered to the recipient. The number of shipping companies and freight forwarders supported makes Lestr the solution with the most complete coverage. Furthermore, the systematic cross-checking of AIS data emitted by the vessels with the scheduling information provided by the carriers makes Lestr one of the most accurate and reliable solution for the tracking of containers.
Multi-Intelligence sources
The 360° view generation of containers is based on cutting edge technology enabling a real-time data collection from a multitude of sources. This technology, largely recognised for its breakthrough innovation, enables to easily integrate new sources as ELINT with the exploitation of electromagnetic signals emitted by vessels and intercepted from space by the satellite-based technology of our partner Unseenlabs.
Lestr integrates different types of data sources: carriers and freight forwarders, marine trackers, watch lists, etc.
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Lestr uses the data collected on each container to automatically carry out many controls. It is also relatively simple to add new controls within Lestr through the data-fusion capabilities of our technology.
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Automate controls

Multi-source reconciliations
Lestr cross-checks information between different data sources in order to detect any discrepancy. This enables you to analyse, for instance, the consistency of the information provided by the shipper to make sure that he is the owner of the shipped goods or to ensure the consistency of the container movements performed inside a port infrastructure.
Anomaly detection
The use of unsupervised analysis and machine learning capabilities mainly based on an extension of Isolation Forest enables Lestr to detect suspicious containers like those carrying illegal goods (narcotics, weapons, etc.).
Open environment to address new challenges
Lestr provides best-in-class technological environment enabling data-analysts to save a lot of time on data preparation tasks. Our data-fusion technology dynamically generates the workflow of operations on data sources (query, clean, join, enrich, transform, reconciliate) allowing data-analysts to straightaway retrieve expected smart data.

Provide an efficient support for decision making

Real-time alerts
Lestr generates real-time alerts (email or http notifications, flag in the user's interface) to report all unexpected events that may arise during the entire journey of the container. You can also schedule alerts on particular events (loading, discharging, transhipment, next port of call, etc.). Furthermore, Lestr provides you with the possibility to download the container report as a tamper-proof document detailing the reasons for suspicion or investigation.
Information-sharing functions
The mobilisation of additional areas of expertise on containers requiring further examination is facilitated by the provision of information-sharing functions related to the container and the analyses already carried out.
For customers who require a fully-integrated experience, we can complement these standard sharing features with an API-based approach in order to interface Lestr with internal investigation tools.
Your own centralised knowledge base
Lestr allows you to build and operate a centralised knowledge base on suspicious containers, inspections performed, etc. This consolidated vision makes it possible to detect criminal patterns requiring enhanced control over certain containers for a better operational and decision-making efficiency.
The knowledge database can easily be sliced and diced any way you want it, allowing to deliver statistical views sorted on one or more criteria.

LESTR: your one-stop shop for screening and monitoring of containers

The first solution analysing all the necessary facets of containers to know what is really going on at sea.

Fight against illicit trafficking

Screen and monitor in real-time containerised cargo.
Profit from case management features dedicated to illicit goods seizure.
Improve your understanding of patterns of fraud through machine learning algorithms.

Improve your reactivity

Eliminate time-consuming manual controls.
Enhance collaboration within your team members by sharing reports and alerts.
Add easily your own data sources for smarter controls.

Prevent embargoes circumvention

Analyse the vessels’ characteristics to determine their risk profiles.
Detect possible falsifications in the AIS messages issued by vessels.
Use electromagnetic signals emitted by ships and intercepted from space (partnership with Unseenlabs).

A control tower for your activity

Get an overview of all the suspicious and controlled shipments with real-time analysis at every step of their journey.
Generate dashboards about your activity.
Control efficiency of your physical inspections.

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