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Lestr solution delivers predictive and real time information to monitor all your international trade operations & mitigate any type of risks.

Connect data sources

Lestr enables you to build your own one-stop shop solution based on your own desired data sources. By cross-checking all these relevant data sources, Lestr helps you anticipate risks and better monitor your international trade operations, based on your own risk approach.

Carriers and Freight forwarders
Marine trackers
Know your Customers
Know your Vessels
Lestr relies on cutting-edge data fusion technology to automate multi-criteria and multi-source reconciliations which would be extremely time-consuming and complex to perform manually.
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Visualize, in real-time and on an interactive map, the exact vessel location & container movements and full details of the entire route from place of receipt to place of delivery, including transhipments, AIS gaps and pre/post shipments.
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overview the journey

Lestr tracks your shipment at every step whatever the complexity of the trip.

Your shipment's journey

Follow your cargo from loading to discharging including transhipments, vessel port calls and pre/post shipments. Furthermore, the systematic cross-checking of AIS data emitted by the vessels with the scheduling information provided by the carriers makes Lestr one of the most accurate and reliable solution for goods tracking.

Use any information to start

Import a shipment from a bill of lading (through optical character recognition technology), a bill of lading number, a container number or a vessel (name or imo).

Autotrack your shipment

Dispose of a continuous tracking and be notified in case of route deviation and of discharging.

Record all entities for further analysis

Retrieve everything in one place: containers, vessels, carriers, goods, organisations, individuals, etc.

Anticipate trade risks

Lestr helps you secure your shipments and notifies you of all unexpected events.

Blacklisted ports and countries

Be alerted of any international sanctions breach.

Criminal activities

Screen organisations, individuals and vessels to prevent criminal activities. Detect documentary fraud (bill of lading verification), suspicious shipments (e.g. high-risk vessels, inconsistencies between goods and partner countries, etc.) and abnormal behavior of vessels (e.g. AIS gap).

Trade Mis-invoicing

Analyse the price consistency between the transaction and market averages (Price-Filter Method). Analyse the trade balances of the partner countries to ensure that the trade activity makes economic sense and is not associated with partner countries with significant trade discrepancies (Partner-Country Method).

High-risk goods

Detect high-risk goods such as dual-use goods, goods involving higher risk of money laundering, etc.


Provide predictive ETA and detect real-time delays thanks to cutting-edge algorithm. Each delay is analysed because it could mean that the ship has deviated from its course and has engaged in an illegal activity (e.g. illegal ship to ship transfer).

Be all on the same page

All your team members are connected, and so are your partners and customers. Everyone receives information in real-time to follow shipments.

Get notified

Receive alerts for any unexpected events on a shipment.

Download an audit trail

Retrieve in one document all the information and alerts associated to your shipment.

Share a shipment link

Allow any stakeholder to follow the shipment and get real-time status information.

Manage multiple operator levels

Allow your operators to escalate any suspicious shipment.

Work in your own office environment

Connect Lestr to your back office, case manager or collaboration (Teams, Slack, etc.) tools for a better collaboration.

Improve Decision-making

Be better informed to make a better decision.

Monitor your activity

Get full reports of all your shipments and generate a tamper-proof audit trail encompassing all controls that have been applied to each shipment.

Learn from your activity

Enhance protection against risks and make better informed decisions by capitalising on all your shipments. Each new shipment feeds a secured knowledge base on which machine learning algorithms are running to analyse trends and recognise patterns of fraud.

Be aware of your risks

Identify risks that are specific to your business domain, using our multi-faceted approach.

LESTR: key features

All of Lestr’s functionalities are presented in an intuitive and user-friendly interface, thus facilitating analytical tasks and the user’s assessment of risk exposure.

Vessel & Container tracking

Track and trace, in real time, vessel and container movements (including transshipments), detect unexpected stopovers and be notified of ETA predictions and changes.

Sanctions & Embargoes Screening

Check for sanctions or embargoes associated with the vessels and/or organisations involved in a trade transaction.

Vessel Risk Assessment

Identify vessels with potential involvement in illicit activities and/or ecological misconduct based on expertly developed, or custom, risk indicators.

Checks on Goods

Detect dual-use goods, expose risk of over or under-pricing, check the trade balance of the partner countries and flag abnormalities in trade.

Ais Risk Mitigation

Detect illicit practices in terms of a vessel's AIS, assess whether or not an AIS gap is suspicious, and verify vessel geolocalisation data using RF signals.

Authenticity checks on trade documentation

Detect documentation fraud and inconsistencies (e.g. bill of lading documents) via the cross-checking with external data sources.

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